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The beauty of going shopping is giving yourself the chance to add a little more luxury to your life. Sometimes, treating yourself to a new handbag can be the thing that turns a day from a good one to a great one. Or maybe it’s the smell of a new aftershave that can easily perk up your day? Our extensive shopping space offers you the chance to give yourself or a loved one a little bit of special treatment.

Women’s luxury fashion brands for every occasion

The craftsmanship that goes into luxury products really does show. When you wear a special evening dress that accentuates and flatters your figure, you can tell it was made by a master tailor.

At Parfois, you’ll discover the most stylish women’s luxury fashion. Their range includes everything from stunning casual day dresses and gorgeous evening wear to eye-catching patterned blouses and well-tailored trousers.
But luxury isn’t just about clothing and accessories. Make-up is also a key part of creating a look that we feel good about.

At Inglot, you’ll find cosmetics designed by experienced dermatologists and made with the very best ingredients. Their foundations, moisturisers and concealers are also easy to apply which makes them perfect for popping on when you’re in a hurry. What’s more, all their products are available at highly reasonable prices. What’s not to love? Pop in today to see how you could boost your skincare routine.

Accessories to pull together a special outfit

A luxury accessory can add some real glamour and distinction to an outfit. Not only that but buying a luxury product that you simply adore can be a nice way to reward yourself for something or celebrate a specific milestone.
At brands such as DKNY and Mont Blanc, you can see and feel the craftsmanship in their designer bags. From sleek crossbody bags to roomy totes, they have luxury bags to suit any style too. Mont Blanc offers some of the best in men’s luxury fashion accessories. Their designers use only the best quality leather to create pieces that are refined and timeless. They also have beautifully designed luxury watches which are renowned for their durability and ability to add sophistication to any outfit.

For stylish footwear, head to Charles & Keith, Aldo, or Aigner to slip your feet into some of the season’s most fashion-forward shoe designs. You’ll find pumps, moccasins, sandals or sneakers. Fresh ranges are released every season too, so you can be sure you’re browsing all the latest styles.

Feel the quality for yourself

The joy of buying luxury products is getting to appreciate their superior quality. You can feel when a silk scarf that has been crafted from the finest material, while the expertly selected top note of a luxury Eau de Toilette is a smell you’ll never forget. Buying luxury products is all about experiencing the quality first-hand which is why you should pursue and purchase in person rather than online. Whether it’s luxury clothing or luxury footwear, you really do need to try it before you buy.

With such an extensive range of the best luxury fashion Muscat has to offer, the Mall provides the perfect opportunity to see and feel top-quality designs. What’s more, a trip to the Mall of Oman is a calming alternative to overcrowded spots, so you can shop for luxury in peace.