Mar 16, 2023, 16:07 PM
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We all want our little ones to have the best things in life. From pretty night lights for babies to high-quality athleisure clothing for sporty teenagers, there’s a whole host of kids’ products to browse at the Mall of Oman. Shop clothing and accessories for newborns or pick up some games for pre-teens and teenagers — we’ve got products to take you right through your child’s life. Let’s take a look at what’s in store when it comes to finding the best in children’s clothing, games and accessories.

Stylish everyday outfits

Buying kids’ clothing is all about getting stylish clothes that are practical enough to survive all the playing and running that is so important for their development. The kids’ fashion at the Mall has been designed to fit these energetic lifestyles.

At Panco, you can find some seriously stylish offerings all made using the finest quality fabrics. From stylish and sturdy jackets in a range of fun colours to cute dresses perfect for the warmest seasons, Panco has you covered. You’ll also be able to pick up all the essential wardrobe basics, plus smarter children’s wear that’s perfect for special occasions.
For older kids, plan a stop at Nu Athlete. Here you’ll find all the best sportswear and footwear for kids aged 0-14 years. With brands that cater to a range of sports, from football and basketball to running and swimming, there’s something for every family.

Accessories you can rely on

One of the problems with buying clothing for kids is that they grow out of things so quickly! That’s why parents need quality clothing and kids’ accessories at prices that won’t break the bank. Our stores know this which is why you’ll find products for very reasonable prices. Many of the kids’ stores within our complex run regular offers and discount prices, so why not pop in to pick up a bargain and see how much money you can save?
Okaidi Obaibi has fashionable outfits, pyjama sets and accessories at the very best prices. With many offers running throughout their store, it’s always worth stopping by to see what you can find.

Fun for all the family

As a parent, there’s nothing you need more than ways to keep your kids entertained. At the Mall, you’ll find classic kids’ games alongside new toys that are sure to provide hours of fun.
Pop into Smart Mom to browse their selection which includes smart toys that can chat to children in several different languages. These modern toys can help your little one get to sleep or improve their learning with games and stories. You’ll also spot classic wooden toys, from guitars to play kitchens. Bedtime can be one of the most difficult times of the day as a parent which is why Smart Mom have a number of products to help your little one drift off to sleep. From night lights to comforters and teddies, there are plenty of items to help promote peaceful slumber.