Mall of Oman Services

There are many reasons to come to the Mall for your shopping needs — the air conditioning, the ease of access, the huge selection of stores. However, one of the big reasons many people choose the Mall of Oman is our fantastic range of guest services.
At the Mall of Oman, you can change currency using the best exchange rates, access a range of banking services from some of Oman’s oldest banks, and even buy gift cards for your loved ones. All under one roof!

Dedicated prayer rooms

We know how important having a calm and peaceful room for pray is. That’s why our prayer rooms offer a dedicated space for you to retreat to when you need it. These comfortable and flexible rooms allow space for individual prayer or small groups to come together and pray. They’re cleaned regularly for your comfort too, so you can focus entirely on your worship.

Cash, cards and convenient banking

Banking can take time and effort which is why we’ve made doing those routine tasks as convenient as possible for our customers. We host some of Oman’s largest and most respected providers of financial services. At our selection of banking & currency exchanges, you can check your balance, take money out and buy foreign currency at the most reliable exchange rates.
Got a special anniversary, birthday or celebration coming up? You don’t need to buy a physical gift to show someone you care. Drop by the Mall today to see what payments & gift cards you could splash out on to say ‘thank you’, ‘well done’ or ‘congratulations’.

Parking made easy

If you drive regularly, you’ll be familiar with the hassle of finding a parking space. Struggling to park can make you frustrated which is not how you want to begin your shopping experience. With our specialist parking services, all that is taken care of. Our valet services offer you convenience and confidence in the security of your car, meaning you can focus entirely on the important job of shopping.
We’ve packed a lot of top-name brands, entertainment and specialist mall services into our 140,000-square-metre complex. For a stress-free shopping trip, pop our address into your sat nav and let us take care of all your needs.