These days, mobile phones are a key part of our lives. We navigate with them, message on them and take photos with them. In fact, calling is only a small part of what we do. Here at the Mall of Oman, we know there are a hundred things you might want to use your phone for. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the leading telecom stores Muscat has to offer to ensure you can get what you need, all in one place.

Competitive contracts to suit your needs

Every telecom retailer at the Mall has been given a spot in our space because they offer customers the best quality experience. From competitive phone deals to excellent handsets and highly attentive customer service, they’ve been selected for good reason.
Ooredoo was created to make life easier for its customers. With great customer service, incredible quality and unforgettable value, Ooredoo put your needs first. Pick up prepaid plans, post-paid plans and all kinds of add-ons. Being an Ooredoo customer allows you to access benefits and promotions across their whole range, from mobiles to TVs and even home internet. What’s more, their range of great offers means you can keep connected for the lowest price.
With years of experience, Vodafone aims to offer its customers an authentic experience. Their accommodating staff make it easy to get a sim card or sign up for a great new mobile plan. Once you become a member, you can be sure you’re getting the best treatment. Not sure what you need? Their customer service team is always on hand for help and support.
Shopping with RedBull Mobile is not just about signing up to a great prepaid or post-paid plan. As a member, you’ll get the red star treatment. The global brand is known for its exciting events and experiences — all of which are offered exclusively to RedBull Mobile members.
Omantel offers a range of packages to suit your needs, too. Get ultra-high speeds with their 5G mobile coverage or unlimited calls with one of their promotions. At Omantel, well-trained staff have all the knowledge you need to complete your phone or internet purchase. So ask away! They’ll be sure to help.

Visitor lines that don’t cost the earth

Staying connected with loved ones while enjoying the incredible scenery of Oman is a must. You can do just that at the Mall. Our telecom stores are the perfect place to pick up a visitor line. Our highly-reputable providers offer visitor lines covered by extensive mobile networks — and all for prices that won’t impact your holiday budget. Pop in today to see how our range of the best Oman telecom companies can help make your stay even more relaxing.

Turn an errand into a day trip at the Mall

With so many phone networks, mobile plans and handsets to browse, telecom shopping can be thirsty work! The beauty of the Mall is that we have some of Oman’s best restaurants at your fingertips, so you needn’t go home hungry.
Perhaps you want a second to think through the different phone contracts you’ve just discovered or you want to look through the information you’ve been given on different mobile phones? Either way, stopping by one of our eateries is the perfect way to refuel and give yourself time to make a considered decision about your next purchase.