Sport Footwear

No two sports shoes are made the same. Whether you’re a long-distance runner or an avid footballer, getting footwear designed specifically for your preferred sport can massively improve your comfort and performance.
The sports stores at Mall of Oman stock some of the latest shoe trends designed with cutting-edge technology. If you’ve been typing ‘sport footwear Muscat’ into Google and are overwhelmed with choices, head to the Mall to find all the brands you need within one easy-to-navigate complex.

Shoes tailored for your sport

In the same way that a helmet protects you on a motorbike, a good pair of sports shoes can protect your feet, legs and ankles when exercising. Running shoes should cushion your foot and protect the from heavy impact. Whether you run long-distance on the flat or cross-country on rocky trails, Decathlon has a huge range of shoes to suit your purpose. Shop affordable styles featuring cushioned soles and mesh tops for breathability. The store is also perfect for those looking to take up a new sport without spending too much on their first pair of training shoes.
Football shoes need to fit your feet perfectly to give you maximum control of the ball. In fact, some studies show that badly fitting shoes can reduce your ability on the pitch. At Puma, their football boots are made using breathable materials and soles with sturdy grips. Their customisable options ensure you get a pair of shoes that fit like a glove, allowing you to move swiftly with the ball.

Fashion sport footwear

Sports shoes — from sneakers and high-tops to sliders — can be fashion items in their own right these days. At Nike, you’ll spot new designs being released all the time, from their famous basketball shoes to their classic Air Max trainers. As a brand whose styles have become so iconic, you’ll find remasters of their classic styles as well as completely new designs created with a range of high-tech fabrics and components.
Adidas also have new styles and trends every month. From their classic designs — think the original San Smiths — to new thick-soled styles and bright colourways, they stock a shoe style for everyone. Whether it’s men’s sport shoes or women’s sport shoes you’re after, Adidas have countless unisex designs, giving you the ultimate range of trainers to choose from.

You can’t beat trying on a pair of shoes in person

To feel the benefits of a good pair of sports shoes, you really need to try them before you buy. That’s why coming to Mall of Oman is so important.
Head on over and make the most of our seamlessly easy shopping experience. The knowledgeable staff in our stores know the difference between their road running and their trail running shoes and can help with any question, no matter how big or small. They can point you in the right direction and help you pick out something to suit your specific needs and budget.
Stop typing ‘sport footwear muscat’ and give up the search. All you need to do is plan a trip to the Mall of Oman to shop for the perfect pair of sports footwear to slip your feet into.