Sport Bags

Always on the go? Looking to fit a quick gym trip into a busy day? Having a good sports bag can help streamline your life. By keeping all the sports kit you need in one convenient carry-all, you’ll always be prepared for your next workout. At the Mall of Oman, we’ve got plenty of stylish yet practical sports bags on our store shelves. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer within our extensive shopping space.

Handy holdalls

A good workout bag needs to be sturdy and durable, with plenty of space to fit all your sports kit. A large holdall with lots of pockets can help you keep your belongings in one place and gives you easy access to everything you might need on the go.
If your chosen sport requires specific equipment, consider investing in a bag that lets you keep your tennis racket, golf clubs or football boots safe and protected. A tough bag will prevent it from getting damaged and can make bigger equipment a whole lot easier to carry.
At Decathlon, you’ll find an impressive range of men’s sport bags. From large transport bags to smaller pouches and even wash bags for those post-gym showers, there are so many high-quality styles to browse. What’s more, their helpful staff will be able to advise you on what the best size and design for your individual sport.

Backpacks you can exercise with

If you’re into hiking, cycling or long-distance running, you might need a backpack to take with you. You’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable and fits your height and body correctly. You should also consider the kind of material that will suit your needs. Maybe you need something super lightweight or maybe having a water-repellent bag is your key concern. Whatever your requirements, you can fulfil them at the Mall of Oman.
At Columbia, you’ll find an extensive range of hiking backpacks, lightweight drawstring packs and hip bags perfect for taking with you when you exercise. Their collection also includes dry sacks which are ideal for keeping your possessions dry during water sports — because there’s nothing more devastating than getting your phone wet! If you’re looking to get multiple bags during the same trip, take a look at Columbia’s organiser sets which include three or more bags in different shapes and styles.

Versatile sport bags that will last

Whether you’re looking for a casual tote or a sophisticated sports holdall, you can choose from an extensive selection of women’s sport bags at the Mall. One of the best things about a good sport bag is that they’re often very versatile and able to be used in all areas of your life.
For something that will take you from a quick gym trip to a weekend away, choose a larger duffel bag or a structured holdall. At Sun & Sand Sports, you’ll find plenty of options alongside their range of stylish backpacks in various patterns and colourways.
At Under Armour, their large tote bags are also the perfect size for a short getaway. Or, why not choose one of their large wheeled bags to save you from carrying heavy luggage? Pop in the store today to try on some of the season’s latest styles and see which one fits your needs best.
Ready for your next shopping trip? Search ‘sport bags Muscat’ to find Mall of Oman or take a look below to see the quality brands we have on offer.