Sport Accessories & Equipment

If you’re into sport and fitness, you’ll know how important it is to have the right kit. Having the best money can buy will help your performance and prevent the likelihood of injury. Here at the Mall of Oman, we cater for all your sporting needs — no matter which form of exercise gets your heart racing.
From dumbbells to yoga mats, we’ve got an extensive range of quality sports accessories and equipment at our specialist stores. Take a look through the brands below and get planning your next trip to the Mall.

Workout in style with specialist accessories

There’s nothing like the pain of a sprained wrist or swollen ankle. With the right exercise accessories, you can prevent all of these. If you’re someone who likes weight-lifting, having straps and gloves can give you great extra support and comfort. At the Mall, we’ve got plenty of products to help with strength building and highly knowledgeable staff who can talk you through them.
If more meditative forms of exercise, such as yoga, are your favourite thing, pop into one of our stores for a durable yoga mat that will make your practice far more comfortable. With such a big range of options, you might even discover something you didn’t know you needed! For example, why not add a yoga block to your basket to make those tricky poses a little bit easier?
If it’s a particular sport you practice,Decathlon will almost certainly stock something for it. Whether you’re looking for inline skates for the ice rink or bigger items such as snowboards and surfboards, you’re sure to find them in-store. The great thing about Decathlon is that they have so many different product lines, meaning you can compare several options to ensure you get something that fits your exact specifications.

Getting the right equipment for your needs

Doing any sport well requires a bit of specialist equipment. Whether it’s dumbbells to tone your delts and biceps or medicine balls to help you get that impressive six-pack, you’ll find it here at the Mall.

If you're looking to bring the gym home, you might want to invest in some larger gym equipment and machines. You can find all this and more at Sun & Sand Sports. From foam rollers and fitness gloves to skipping ropes and ab straps, they have accessories to aid any gym workout.
You’ll also spot a range of fitness machines. Invest in a multi-gym machine or a treadmill or test your fitness with an elliptical cross-trainer. Head to their store to get the latest in high-tech fitness machines for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

Exercise equipment you can trust

Get the wrong sport equipment and you’re sure to do some damage. Lift a dodgy dumbbell for example and you could hurt yourself badly. That’s why you want to buy kit that you know you can rely on. At the Mall of Oman, we’ve gathered together some of Oman’s leading sports equipment brands, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.
If you’ve just taken up a new sport, you don’t want to be spending lots of money on new equipment when you’ve only just started your journey. That’s why we’ve made sure all the sport accessory brands within our complex offer quality products at accessible prices. Get everything you need to get stuck into a new sport without busting your budget.