Speciality Dining

The Mall of Oman is ahead of the game when it comes to catering for specialist food requirements. Within our curated selection of shops, leisure and entertainment venues, you’ll also find numerous quality dining outlets to suit every diet.
Grab some granola on the go for a healthy breakfast or pick up a lean steak from a steak house. No matter what food you’re craving, we’re here to satisfy you.

The best in vegetarian cooking

A revolution in vegetarian food over the past few years means there’s so much meat-free food to get excited about. Here at the Mall of Oman, we pride ourselves on our selection of quality vegetarian restaurants. Discover venues serving tasty Mediterranean dips, salads and other vegetable dishes that are sure to satisfy you after a full day of shopping. You could also pop into one of our Indian restaurants where you’ll be spoilt for choice with tasty vegetarian curries and sides.
The other great thing about our vegetarian restaurants is they provide some of the best healthy dining in Muscat. From helping you fill up on your five a day of fruit and vegetables to providing the freshest ingredients on the market, they put your health first.

Breakfast, brunch, and dinner

We’re open from 10am until 10pm daily — and even longer on Thursdays and Fridays. That means you can make your visit to the Mall a full-day experience. There’s so much entertainment to choose between, from our multi-screen cinema to our seasonal winter wonderland at Snow Oman. You’re likely to get hungry while you’re here, too. That’s why our restaurants provide speciality food to suit all diets throughout the day.
Stop in for an excellent brunch at one of our cafes or get a Turkish coffee to keep you going throughout the afternoon. Whatever your body needs, we’ve got it covered.

Deliciously affordable food

Part of the problem with speciality dining is that it usually comes at an inflated price. At the Mall of Oman though, we’ve selected all our speciality dining outlets based on the fact that they provide both quality and affordability. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to stay within your budget. We offer the best in luxury dining, from the finest cuts of meat to the richest cakes and desserts, at a price that suits you.