Other Speciality Stores

At the Mall of Oman, we’ve made shopping into a whole experience — one which allows you to pop in for an hour or stay for the whole day. We’ve really thought of all the little things you might need when you’re shopping and brought in a range of speciality shops and services to cater for them.
From sophisticated flower shops where you can hand-select beautiful bouquets to some of Oman’s biggest phone providers, it’s worth taking a look at the options to see which services can best serve your needs.

Quality car rental

Visiting Muscat for the first time? Or maybe you’re seeing some family out of town and need four wheels to get you there fast? Whichever it is, renting a car is easy at the Mall. Our award-winning vehicle rental services are fast and reliable, meaning you can rent a car and be on the road without any hassle.
With promotions and discounts on offer all year round, the Mall of Oman’s quality car rental kiosks are the easiest place to pick up your favourite model and be on your way. All that’s left for you is to decide who’s going to do the navigating!

Book your next big trip

You might have come to the Mall to buy everything you need for your upcoming holiday — but did you know you can also book your next holiday with us too? With our trusted travel agencies, you can get luxury holiday packages, flights, hotels and more.
The beauty of booking a holiday with a reputable travel agency is that everything is taken care of in an instant. There’s no need to worry about getting an airport transfer sorted for the middle of the night or ending up in a hotel that’s miles from the beach. Booking a holiday with travel professionals also means you can benefit from the cheapest deals and take advantage of promotional offers, especially if you’re looking to go off-season.
With attentive staff whose professional knowledge covers all corners of the globe, you can secure the best travel deals at the Mall of Oman — whether you’re a solo traveller or taking a whole family on holiday.

Good phone contracts at the Mall

Whether it’s a visitor line you are looking to pick up or a new mobile phone contract, you’re in the best hands at the Mall thanks to our expert services. Our market-leading brands provide the latest in mobile technology, from super-fast 5G to cutting-edge smartphones.
Want to know which mobile phone service is best? That depends entirely on what you need. All our mobile phone providers have been specifically selected because of their reputation for top-quality products. With Vodafone, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of a market leader in telecom technology.
Alternatively, why not choose from some of the most competitive tourist, pre-paid or post-paid plans from Oman’s leading telecoms brand, Omantel? At Ooredoo you can get everything from mobile phones to internet packages, with experienced staff on hand to help you choose. And as a Redbull Mobile customer, you’ll get access to some of the best membership perks. So, why wait? Pop in today!