Luxury Jewellery and Watches

Do you have a special occasion coming up which you’ve found the perfect outfit for yet something still seems to be missing? Luxury jewellery and watches can add the final flourish to any special outfit. We know just how personal picking out a pair of luxury earrings or a new watch for your wrist can be. That’s why we’ve brought some of the best craftsmanship in watch and jewellery design together with our range of luxury global brands.

Luxury watches for men

You can’t go through life without some way of telling the time, so why not make your timekeeper a focal point of your outfit? A good men’s luxury watch should suit your lifestyle, whether that’s a timeless stainless steel watch or a titanium sports watch with shock absorption and water resistance features. A lot of great luxury men’s watch lines have been released in recent years, so now is a great time to invest in a new design for your wrist.
A high-end watch is perfect for showing off your personality and individual style. That’s why we’ve brought together such a brilliant range of watch specialists at Mall of Oman. For durable diver watches with deep water resistance technology and robust ceramic casings, make your way to Omega. You’ll also find iconic stainless steel watch faces with leather straps that are ideal for a day in the office or for wearing to a family party.
For sleek and versatile digital watches with all the functions you need for daily life, take a trip to Police. The renowned Italian brand has refined leather dress watches in a range of styles, plus contemporary silicon watches featuring various distinctive patterns and designs.

The best in high-end luxury jewellery

Luxury jewellery can be a really good way of showcasing your sense of taste. If you’re wearing a bold and colourful outfit, you might want some more toned-down jewellery such as some fine earrings. These will add a little sparkle to your outfit without overshadowing it. Prefer your jewellery to be your centre-piece? You might want to go for a chunky necklace studded with some distinctive gemstones.

Fine rings make superb gifts. From wedding and engagement rings to bands with special stones that help mark a milestone, rings are an important purchase that you’ll want to get right. Pop into the Mall of Oman to see how our helpful staff can guide your search and help you select the perfect present.
For a huge choice of fine necklaces, chic rings and fine bracelets, visit the Damas store. They’re one of the Middle East’s leading jewellery brands and where you’ll find elegant jewellery handcrafted with the highest skill. For some of the best designer jewellery money can buy, pop into the Mall today to browse Damas’ impressive range.
Watches are also a great way for women to accessorise an outfit. If you’re looking for fun designs in a range of styles at affordable prices, stop into Swatch. The leading brand stocks numerous distinctive designs in stainless steel, leather or bio-sourced materials. With their eye-catching patterns, styles and colour ways, you’re sure to find a piece that adds a bold addition to any look. With so many luxury watches for women on display, why not come in and try them on in person?