Mar 26, 2023, 13:22 PM
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Nothing disappoints like coming home to an empty fridge. At Mall of Oman, we’ve thought ahead, so you don’t have to. Our onsite hypermarket has everything you could need to whip up a tasty supper after popping into all of your favourite fashion, beauty and technology stores.
Our extensive hypermarket comes from the renowned French brand Carrefour. France is known for its gourmet menus and refined tastes — and Carrefour is no different. One of the best hypermarkets in Muscat, it offers an impressive range of tasty products from around the globe. From quality halal meat to delectable biscuits and an extensive range of juices, it’s worth popping in to pick up some groceries.

Delicious food to fill your fridge

Carrefour has an impressive range of essential food and drinks to help you stock up on all the basics you need to make your favourite meals. Discover a selection of fresh meat, eggs and fresh fruit to add to your basket. As well as a wide variety of fresh vegetables, their diary section boasts cheese from around the world, creamy yoghurts and a great selection of different milk.

It’s not just store cupboard essentials that Carrefour does well, though. If you’ve already got a recipe in mind that requires some more unusual ingredients, this expert hypermarket can help. If there’s something specific you need, grab the attention of one of their helpful staff members who will be happy it within the aisles.

Everything you need to keep a tidy home

Compared to any other grocery store in Muscat, Carrefour goes above and beyond. It’s not just delicious fruit, veg and meat you’ll find on their shelves. You can also get everything you need to run your home.
Whether it’s washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner or floor polish you need, you can fill your basket with cleaning essentials at the same as shopping for your dinner. They also stock a wide selection of laundry essentials — ideal for when those new luxury fashion items need a quick wash! Their quality detergent, fabric conditioner and stain removers are exactly what you need to keep your Mall purchases looking their absolute best.

Finish your day on a high

The great thing about the Mall of Oman is the level of thought and planning that has gone into the layout. We know what it’s like when you’ve got a long shopping list and not enough time. That’s why we’ve made everything easy to find, so you can navigate the complex with ease and without wasting any time.
You’ll find the sprawling Carrefour hypermarket on level two, right next to parking gate C. This means you can drop in on your way back to your car. Whether you need ingredients for dinner or just a small snack to keep you going, be sure to pop in to satisfy all your cravings. When it comes to a hypermarket in Muscat you can trust, Carrefour is a winner.