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Mar 16, 2023, 16:03 PM
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Having the best home & technology products can make your life a whole lot easier. Whether it’s a smartphone that allows you to talk to your family whenever you like or a smart fridge that enables you to listen to your favourite music while prepping food, there are so many products that could add more convenience to your life.
With the sheer variety of cutting-edge products on the market, there’s always the fear that having the best tech will cost the earth. At Mall of Oman, that’s just simply not the case. We’ve brought together some of the best names in electronics who provide quality service at affordable prices. Keep scrolling down to see what products you’ll have to choose from if you pop into the Mall of Oman today.

The best in high-tech here at Mall of Oman

If you do a quick search online of ‘home & technology products Oman’, you’ll probably come across Emax. They’re one of the largest electronics retailers in Oman, stocking more than 100,000 different products. Their range covers everything from iPads to hair straighteners and lighting solutions to washing machines. Emax is committed to affordability, too, and regularly have offers and discounts to help make those important purchases a lot less expensive.
When it comes to smart technology, Samsung is a world leader. Made with the most cutting-edge technology, their products are designed to make your life run much more smoothly. With their collection of smart products, you can connect a network of devices and control parts of your home with just the click of a button.
Sharaf DG is also a well-respected name in the electronics market. They don’t just sell electronics, though. Within their four walls, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your life from the biggest names in smart home technology.

Phones that will see you through

These days, we rely so much on our mobile phones. Buying the right one is an important decision. With so many different models on the market though, it’s worth thinking about what functions you need most. Do you need a smartphone with huge amounts of memory to store thousands of photos or are you looking for something with an extra-long battery life?

The friendly staff at Virgin Megastore can help with all of these requirements and more. Pick up the perfect mobile phone and find accessories to go with it, including screen protectors, mobile cases and car accessories, so you can keep connected on the go. Beyond mobile phones, you’ll also find the store stocks TVs, cameras and washing machines, giving you the chance to update all kinds of different tech in your home.

Making a house a home

We all want a space we can feel relaxed in. Whether your favourite way to wind down is to run a hot bath after you’ve put the kids to bed or you prefer to cosy up in front of the sofa, we all deserve some downtime. Adding ease and comfort to your life is not just about having the latest home technology. Getting the right furniture is also key to creating a restful home environment. That’s why at so many of our home & technology stores, you can also shop for a bed, a new carpet, a sofa or even dining & kitchen furniture.