Home Accessories

Buying things like sweet-smelling candles, bright floor rugs and distinctive mirrors is the fun part of homeware shopping. There is something so joyful about immersing yourself in beautiful designs and colourful patterns. At the Mall of Oman, we’ve sought to make that experience as enjoyable as possible with some of the most inventive and creative home accessories Oman has to offer.
If you’re not sure how to begin shopping for the right home accessories to showcase your personal style, we’ve got you covered. Let us show you how to get started decorating your space with a visit to the Mall of Oman.

Decorations that dazzle in any home

Having too much wall space can be both a blessing and a curse. We all want somewhere to hang pictures and frames — but too much blank wall space can make a room feel bare and cold. With so many statement mirrors and sleek wall decorations on the market, there are a lot of ways to avoid this in your own home.
At Zara Home, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating those bare walls. Their homeware section displays some of the season’s biggest trends and colour ways, giving you a head start in creating a fashionable home. Shop ceramic lamps, cosy cushions, decorative vases and pots. You can also browse by collection where items have been designed as part of a whole look. Enjoy the expertise of a designer’s eye for the price of a mirror or wall print.

Finishing touches

From a bold vase with an intricate pattern to some delectable smelling candles, it’s the little touches that make a house a home. At H&M Home, you’ll find a whole range of these smaller items from one of the world’s most well-respected brands. Their modern home accessories feature everything from cushion covers and posters to stoneware vases and candlesticks. All of their designs are available at modest prices too, so you can complete your home makeover for less.

Great design at a low price

Giving your home a new lick of paint or adding a new suite of furniture can be a very expensive process. That’s why when it comes to those all-important home furnishings, you might find you have to watch your wallet a bit. At the Mall, we’ve brought together brands who offer great value for money with their highly-affordable products.
2xl Home is your one-stop shop for everything homeware related. What’s more, they’ve already thought about your bank balance, so you don’t have to. With regular sales and reductions, you can get their plush furnishings for a fraction of the price you might outside of the Mall. The contemporary, modern brand is known for combining classic styles with French design. Their extensive showroom is a pleasure to wander around and a great place to find something special for your home.
If your home needs a refresh or you’re looking to get some inspiration for your next renovation, the Mall of Oman is here to help. Search ‘home accessories Muscat’ to get directions and start planning your next shopping trip today.