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Sticky cinnamon rolls, delectable caramel Frappuccinos, aromatic Turkish coffee — feeling hungry yet? It’s hard not to be tempted by the fantastic food on offer at the Mall of Oman. Our range of cafes serves some of the best coffee in Muscat, with gourmet sweet treats and sumptuous savouries to devour on the side.

If you start feeling hungry mid-shop, don’t try and power through! Stop by our unique selection of international cafe brands to refuel.

The best coffee in Muscat

From the moment we get up in the morning until the moment we sit down for dinner, coffee is a key part of any day. When it comes to cafes in Muscat, our range at the Mall is unbeatable. Whether it’s Italian coffee like an espresso that gets you going or an americano, you’ll find it in one of our cafes.

Pick up a mug of Canada’s favourite coffee at Tim Hortons. Pop in for some delicious donuts, tasty breakfast muffins and a quality cup of coffee. For another taste of North America, stop by Starbucks where you can order their famous Frappuccinos in a range of flavours — from caramel to peppermint and even pistachio! If you need a strong hit of coffee to propel you into a day at the Mall, grab one of their brewed coffees, cappuccinos, mochas, or lattes instead. Thanks to their huge selection of beans, you can get a drink that tastes exactly how you like it.

For quality coffee from an Omani brand, take a trip to Azura Coffee — a speciality cafe and roastery with top-class expertise. Whether it’s their sophisticated latte art or their delectable filtered brews that appeal, don’t waste an opportunity to try the cafe’s delectable drinks at the Mall.

At Arabica, you can really taste the passion in their quality beans. You can even take a little slice of the Arabica experience home with you as the cafe stocks a range of fantastic products, from coffee canisters to keep your grind fresh to filters and even tote bags. Who knew one cafe could provide so much!

Afternoon treats

Nothing hits your energy levels more than that mid-afternoon slump. When your blood sugar levels start to drop, deciding which evening dress is best becomes a whole lot more difficult. With sticky cinnamon buns made from exceptional ingredients, the people at Cinnabon Cafe have exactly what you need to stay energised. Begun by a father and son team with one goal — to make the world’s greatest cinnamon bun from scratch — it’s fair to say they’ve succeeded.