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Mar 16, 2023, 15:56 PM
Title : Beauty & Wellness
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Getting the right make-up and cosmetics is important because you want to know that what you put on your skin is going to be good for it. At Mall of Oman, you’ll find some of the biggest names in beauty from Dior and L’Occitane to Clarins and Inglot. With years of dermatological expertise, there’s a reason these brands have a reputation for delivering the best quality beauty and wellness products. There are so many make-up stores at the Mall, so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs.

Quality cosmetics you can trust

All our retailers have been chosen because they offer the highest calibre of products at some of the fairest prices in Muscat. At the Mall, we’ve got some of the biggest names in beauty. This includes Dior, a luxury brand who are known for bringing the best in French beauty products straight to your door. Shop for skincare that nourishes your skin and make-up that gives you a flawless glow.

There’s so much you can do with make-up these days. Kiko Cosmetics can help you replicate these attention-grabbing looks with its range of cutting-edge make-up products. Want to get festival ready with glittery eye make-up? Or are you looking to execute a natural finish using a minimal palette? Kiko Cosmetics has numerous special collections tailored to suit different styles.

Create eye-catching smoky eyes or a beautiful bold lip with the fabulous range of colours and textures available at Flormar. Their ethos is to give women the best possible products to create incredible looks that express their own personal style. A quick trip inside their store is all the inspiration you’ll need for your next look!
Inglot is a one-stop shop for all your cosmetics needs. From soft sponges and brushes to bold lipliners and distinctive nail varnish, you can get everything you need for each stage of the beauty process in store. Once you’ve indulged in a few products from their special lines, why not pick up a handy make-up case to carry it all in?

Fine fragrances and perfect perfumes

When buying a new perfume, you really do want to trust your nose. Don’t go for something just because it smelt good on someone else; make sure it smells good on you before you invest. For this, online shopping just won’t cut it. Pop into the Mall, instead, and take a wander around our expert cosmetic stores to find a fragrance that fits.
When it comes to Eau de toilette, perfume and aftershave, L’Occitane is the master. They are forever keeping things fresh with new limited-edition scents inspired by global destinations. Whether it’s from the hillsides of Southern France or the sweeping vistas of Tuscany, they are highly creative in their quest for new scents.

From pharmacies to supplements

Looking and feeling good isn’t just about what’s on the outside — it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of feeling your best. That’s why we have several pharmacies inside the Mall to make shopping for your health a bit easier. Whether you need plasters for a little cut or some new vitamin supplements, shop for everything to keep you healthy in the very same place where you buy all your favourite cosmetics and make-up products.